Catholic Secondary Principals' Association of Western Australia

Committee Representation

The CSPA is represented on a number of Committees and Working Parties as follows:

Committee / Working Party
CSPA Representative

AITSL Teacher Standards Review

Kevin Sheehy

Catholic Education Commission of WA

Wayne Bull

Catholic Institute Council

Anne Pitos

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia

Peter Bothe

Cathednet Services & Costings

Leo Di Gregorio

Curriculum & Assessment Committee of SCSA

Ian Elder

EBA Focus Group

Barry Alfirevich, Annette Morey, Rob Marshall, Declan Tanham

Funding for Catholic Schools Work Party

Barry Alfirevich, Annette Morey

Language Advisory Committee

Ian Elder

Lynn Scholarship

John Bormolini

NCEC Conference 2016

Anne Fry

Principals Australia Institute

Kevin Sheehy

Principals Salary & Conditions

Barry Alfirevich, Geoff Mills, Darren O'Neill

PRL Applications

Amelia Toffoli, Egmont Melton

Religious Education & Curriculum Committee

Mandy Connor, Geoff Mills

Scaling Policy Committee

Ian Elder

School Improvement Work Party

Rob Marshall, Joe Hoyne

School Personnel Committee

Anne Fry, Ivan Banks

School Resources Committee

Caroline Payne, Declan Tanham

SCSA Principals Forum

Ivan Banks, Anne Pitos, Denise O’Meara

VET Working Party

Marie Barton, Declan Tanham, Robyn Miller, Leo Di Gregorio